Coping with the emergency of the assault boat
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  More and more people like water entertainment, leisure, and surfing, but no matter what type of activities we like, we must master and deal with emergencies, how should we deal with them to ensure our lives are safe. I will express my personal opinion, only for friends as a reference, specific countermeasures.

  If you encounter a shipwreck, you should keep calm, first correct the boat body; when you re-board the boat, pay attention to the balance of the two sides, and one side of the person climbs the boat and the other side must be pressed. Dropped paddles should be picked up in time, otherwise you can only draw water by hand in the slow-flow zone. Gas chamber rupture is the worst case. To adjust the position of the person on the boat, do not sit on the position of the rupture chamber; try to keep the dinghy stable and wait for the rescue.

  When the boat can't stand up in time when receiving the card, the boat should be stabilized and the foothold should be found to stand up to ensure that the person is not taken down by the boat. When you stray into other waterways and get stuck or stranded, please stand down and find the deeper before you can get on the boat again. You can't move around on the boat, because drifting is a challenge to your physical strength and guts. Under the premise of the guarantee, under normal circumstances, the bleaching personnel will not interfere with your handling.

  These are some of my suggestions for my friends, for your reference. Weihai Di Noah Boat Co., Ltd. will ask you to provide more professional technical guidance and better after-sales service to provide you with better product quality. We look forward to working with you!