How to distinguish the type of surfboard
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  Surfing itself is a kind of beautiful water sports. Surfers can stand on the surfboard or step on the water directly, and float on the surface by the waves that run to the shore. Especially in the summer, many obese people can't stand the heat and jump into the sea. By surfing to eliminate the waist, legs and arms, what should we pay attention to when surfing? Surfers must abide by the rules of surfing and riding, one person A wave, who is closest to the wave wall to take the first priority to stand up, at this time the competing surfers quickly brake or pump to stop surfing; surfing to be good must have the technology of latent waves, high morale, physical muscles Be strong, usually watch surf videos, surf magazines, surf with surfers, watch more, have more internet and exchange experience, so that you can become a surf master soon; the best wave in the middle of the surf The best way to crash the waves on both sides of the slope is the most dangerous and worst wave. It is a row of waves that burst into an instant. Please rest ashore at this time. How do you distinguish the types of surfboards?

  Of course, surfboards are one of the most important equipment for surfing. Before you decide to buy your board, be sure to know the habits, uses, and general conditions of your surfing. For beginners, it is necessary to find someone with an experience to help you choose a board.

  Surfboards are generally divided into the following categories:

  1, Shortboard: short board, small board. The length is between 5呎9 and 6呎8, the head is sharp triangle, the buoyancy is small, and the wave with sufficient thrust and shape is needed to play well. It belongs to the technical board, the steering is flexible, and the fancy action can be done.

  2, Longboard: Longboard. The length is between 8呎6 and 11呎, and the head is semi-circular. The buoyancy is large, the speed is slow, and the waves can also be played. It is suitable for the summer conditions of Taiwan and for beginners to practice.

  3, Funshape/Minitank/Mini Mal: The famous name, fun board, small long board. It looks like a Longboard but has a length between 7呎 and 8呎6. It is a modified Longboard in recent years. Because the board is shorter than the Longboard, it has the advantages of Longboard. It can also play with large buoyancy and small waves. However, it is smaller in size and flexible in motion. It is very suitable for the whole year of Taiwan. .

  4, The Gun: Some people call it a gun board, or a big wave board, the length and the Longboard are close but the tip of the tip is the fastest. Used to rush between 10 呎 and 30 。. Taiwan rarely sees it, and it may only be possible to show the power of Gun before and after the eastern coast or the typhoon.

  5, The Fish: Fish plate, but may be called 'big belly plate' is more appropriate, between 5 呎 6 to 6 呎 11 length. Basically, it is also a type of Shortboard, which is usually wider and thicker than the Shortboard. When Taiwan's summer wave disappears, because Fish's buoyancy is slightly larger, it will be easier than Shortboard in the small waves. In general, the longer and thicker the board, the easier it is to get started, but the harder it is to make beautiful moves. As I said before, everyone needs a different board and has an absolute relationship with your personal height and weight. Therefore, how to choose a board is also one of the necessary courses to learn surfing.